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Is a Website Worth It?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

After an afternoon of clicking and dragging, where is the creative payoff?

Me, crunched over a computer, reading what I'm doing wrong on my "author platform" instead of reading one of the glorious books in the pile next to me.

Writing, I can do.

Of course, whether I do it well is up to the reader, but it's not a process I claw my way through. My fingers fly at 80 wpm, and it's as if they and my brain work on a two-man assembly line, while I get to sit back as a supervisor and read what they put together.

I have friends who have been working on a single project for years. They edit and re-edit and have friends edit, only to then send their projects out to a professional editor. One friend had three literary agents ask for a full manuscript, but she couldn't get herself to hit send for fear they would read an unfinished (even though it WAS finished!) project.

Maybe it's the teacher in me, needing to fit a three-part lesson that introduces new material, allows for collaborative practice time, and contains well-designed checks for understanding, all in a 47-minute class period, and then doing it again every single day. But I produce work quickly, and when it's over, I'm ready for my next project.

Then, there is building an author platform.

And I. Slow. Down.

I need a website or no one will read the material I send. I need to link my Twitter to my Instagram to my Facebook to my website, and all of those need daily posts. And not just posts about my dogs or my sisters or my upcoming wedding, although those could help me if I use them right.

And after all that, I feel like I'm sitting a dirty puddle of self promotion, a lifestyle I scorn. This sense of rotting is not helped by my lack of technology skills. They proclaim that tech comes naturally for millennials, but that adage must not apply to old souls. It's day 2 and hour 10, and I've built a two-page website that might need re-structuring.

It's enough to make me think maybe three readers, my mom and sisters, is enough. They don't care if I tweet.

And yet, here I am. I have four finished projects, and all of them supplied the creative high of inspiration and motivation. Maybe this is the price. The due diligence that comes with any job well-done. There is a part of it that won't be enjoyable; it's delusional and lazy to think one should only have to work on the part that comes easily.

Welcome to my website. Well, welcome to my blog, which is on my website.

It's a work in progress.

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